Our Story

Our mission is to serve delicious Mexican food using high quality and fresh ingredients in a fast casual setting. Our menu is completely customizable allowing you to build a meal based on your preferences.

Core Values

Fresh Ingredients

It all comes down to the process we follow daily to ensure quality and consistency:
  • Grill our meats fresh daily to the perfect temperature.
  • Slow cook our rice and steaming to perfection for fluffy texture.
  • Slow cook our beans for hours until they’re the softest, butteriest texture possible.
  • Great avocados = Great guac: we use the highest quality Hass avocados and hand smash them everyday.
  • Use Freshest vegetables and blend for delicious salsas or sauté for perfectly charred fajita vegetables.


Make decisions that will last longer than you will. This is why we use eco friendly products and avoid food wastage.

Make An Impact

Positivity and hospitality are the beliefs that guide everything we do. We believe Adobo is more than just flavorful Mexican food, and that a visit to Adobo means you’re not only getting a great meal, it means you’re also getting a big smile as soon as you walk through the door.
We believe every individual makes a difference, and that eve the smallest act of kindness can make someone’s life a little more flavorful.

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